I could write a novel of a review but I will stick to the important things.
Hiring Scott Key and his associate attorney Kaci Timmons was the best choice I could have made when I found myself in the position of being the victim of a bad court decision. These two are phenomenal at their practice. I cannot emphasize enough their expert experience, professionalism, and knowledge of the law. My calls and emails were returned promptly. Always. Everything about this complex process and the laws that govern it was always explained to me in terms that I could understand. Nobody wants to be in the position of having to defend them selfs or fight in court. It’s not fun, cheap, or easy. But if you find yourself in a position where you need an attorney to right a wrong, these two are your best defense. 100%. Picking the right or wrong attorney can change a persons life trajectory entirely for better or worse. This one is the RIGHT one! Worth every single red cent!