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In 2019, Suesan Miller accomplished an incredible feat by maintaining a 100% success rate for cases she took to jury trial.
  • Not Guilty
    Client was found asleep in his vehicle in a business parking lot. He admitted to officers that he had a few drinks earlier in the evening before driving, but pulled over to sleep it off. There was no evidence proving when the client had operated his ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Client was pulled over by an officer as he was pulling into his driveway. The client was placed in handcuffs and put in the back of another officer’s car. The client was then forced to participate in the field sobriety evaluations despite his firm ...
  • Not Guilty
    DUI Drugs
    Client was found asleep in his vehicle in a gas station parking lot in the early hours of the morning. Officers woke him and started questioning him, and the client advised that he was just overly tired from recently starting a new job. The client ...
  • Not Guilty
    DUI Drugs, VGCSA, Failure to Maintain Lane
    Client was involved in a single car accident after losing control of her vehicle. She admitted to having smoked marijuana earlier in the day, but said she no longer felt the effects of the marijuana. The arresting officer performed field sobriety ...
  • Not Guilty
    DUI Less Safe
    Client fell asleep at a railroad crossing while waiting for an early morning train to pass. Officers woke the client up and proceeded to question him. Client admitted to having had one beer earlier the previous evening, and completed the voluntary ...
  • Charge Reduced
    DUI, Driving on Suspended License, Striking Another Vehicle
    Witnesses observed client strike a vehicle in a business parking lot then proceed into the business. Officers were already present when the client arrived and began to question him. Client refused to answer any questions, and later refused to ...
  • Not Guilty
    DUI, VGCSA, Failure to Maintain Lane
    Client was pulled over after crossing over the center line several times. There was marijuana visible on the client’s shirt and he admitted to the officer that he drank two beers and smoked marijuana prior to driving. The client chose to go to trial ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Possession of Firearm by Felon, VGCSA
    Client was on probation when involved in an altercation with his significant other. Police were called to the scene of the altercation after the client left, and discovered a firearm allegedly belonging to the client. A search warrant was executed on ...
  • Re-Sentenced
    Post Conviction
    Appellate Level State v. A.R. (2018) A.R.’s family hired Scott Key after he entered a plea in the Superior Court of Coweta County and stipulated to the violation of his probation in the Superior Court of Fayette County. Previous counsel had advised ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Sexual Battery Against Minor, Enticing a Child
    The client was accused of having threatened and inappropriately touched a minor female while inside a gas station convenience store. Several hours of surveillance footage review proved the allegations to be false. This evidence was presented to the ...
  • Reversal of Convictions
    Trafficking, Possession, Intent to Distribute
    Georgia Court of Appeals Criminal Morales v. State (Decided July 7, 2015) Scott Key represented Morales in this case an obtained a reversal of his convictions for trafficking, possession, and possession with the intent to distribute due to ...
  • Charges Reduced
    Vehicular Homicide, DUI Drugs
    Client struck a motorized scooter that he was unable to see due to weather conditions. He did not realize that he struck a pedestrian and initially left the scene, but soon returned and was fully cooperative with law enforcement.
  • Not Guilty
    Aggravated Battery & Assault
    Trial Level State v. A.H. (2018) A.H.’s family hired Scott Key A.H. was indicted for multiple counts of aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children for allegedly breaking both legs, multiple toes, and ribs of his six-week-old ...
  • Not Guilty
    Aggravated Child Molestation
    Client was accused of molesting his girlfriend’s niece. The child’s mother allowed her daughter to visit with the client for a weekend before telling him of the alleged victim’s outcry. The client volunteered to speak with the police and take a ...
  • Not Guilty
    Aggravated Child Molestation x 4
    Client was accused of molesting his three young children. One of the alleged victims made an outcry after having committed a crude act against his own sibling. Through our investigation, it was discovered that the client’s estranged wife influenced ...
  • Re-Sentenced
    Arson in the Third Degree
    Appellate Level ?State v. D.H. (2018) D.H.’s family hired Scott Key and Kayci Timmons after being convicted in the Superior Court of Fayette County and being harshly sentenced for Arson in the Third Degree. After filing a motion for new trial on ...
  • Case Overturned
    Child Molestation
    Georgia Court of Appeals Darst v. State (Decided July 16, 2013) Scott Key represented Darst in this case that overturned a child molestation conviction and 60-year sentence and which clarified the standard of care for lawyers in child molestation ...